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Happy Weekend

By Amy Havins @dallaswardrobe

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Happy weekend! Thank goodness this day is finally here. I cannot even begin to tell you what a long week it has been. Endless e-mails, work related things and just life in general. This girl is TIRED. I think all of the traveling/no sleep/weddings have finally caught up to me because I am having the hardest time keeping my eyes open!

Besides a birthday dinner for the bestie tomorrow night at a favorite spot in Dallas (I can’t tell you because it’s a surprise where we are eating), the weekend will be spent lounging by the pool, spin class at Terlingo and napping. Sounds like a solid weekend to me! Oh, and if you don’ t already know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to everyone, not just card holders. I HIGHLY recommend stocking up on all of those fall items that you will be wanting in just a couple short months. I mean, why pay full price when in two months when you can buy now at a discount? I rounded up some of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale favorites below, so I hope that helps guide you a little bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend doing whatever is on your agenda. Until Monday! xx

Best Weekend Sales

  • Nordstrom: HOORAY!!! Today the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally open to everyone (not just cardholders). This means that it is time to SHOP. I mentioned this previously but if you are not familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale it is the time when Nordstrom puts out all of their NEW fall merchandise…at a discount. The sale only lasts until August 2nd, then the items go back to full price. You get why I am trying to help you out right? MAJOR SALE. ALL NEW FALL ITEMS! Ok, now to the good stuff….the items that you NEED to have in your closet this fall! Love these Tory Burch riding boots, if you have always wanted the Valentino Rockstud flats but didn’t want to pay what they cost (they are a bit pricy), these flats are a great alternative. These Nike running shoes are so cool looking, this Trish McEvoy planner and make up is the best thing on the entire Nordstrom Anniversary sale (such a good deal) and I am loving the fringe on these. These wedge booties would go with everything, I am obsessed with this DVF silk print dress, these skinny jeans should be in everyones closet and these lip pencils are the best!
  • Neiman Marcus: I have these Gucci pumps in black and they are the most comfortable shoes to wear, so when I saw that the nude were on sale, of course I had to let you all know! Even though I am far from being a cat lady (dog mom for sure), I have always had a weird obsession with these Charlotte Olympia kitty velvet slippers,  this floral cocktail dress is beautiful, I have had my eyes on this Alexis embossed floral-lace dress ever since it first came out, this maxi abstract-print dress would look great on every body type and if you are attending a wedding in a tropical place at any point (summer or fall) this dress would be perfect.
  • Shopbop: This ombre maxi dress is great to just throw on and go, love the neckline on this little yellow dress, this little tee is so cute, these boyfriend jeans are awesome and these studded flats are great to just have (you would wear them ALL the time).

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