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Happy Tennis Month! Celebrate With Tennis Fixation!

By Kselz @TennisFixation

It's May and that means just one thing - it's National Tennis Month! Here in the United States, the month of May is when we celebrate all things tennis. And if you're not in the U.S., well, you should celebrate tennis this month too because I have a lot of tennis fun planned for May.

Happy Tennis Month!  Celebrate With Tennis Fixation!

So just what are my big Tennis Month plans?


First off, I'll have four more fabulous episodes of the Tennis Quick Tips podcast. And, with each episode, I'll offer a bonus piece of content that will be available here at the Tennis Fixation website. So just listen in during May to find out how to get those bonuses. You can subscribe to be sure you don't miss an episode by going to the Tennis Quick Tips iTunes page:


Second, during one week in May, I'll be offering my first Tennis Mini-Course, Simple Endurance Training for Tennis, at a huge discount. Since the weather is getting better, May is a perfect time to get started with this easy run/walk program that will help build your endurance and fitness to last those long matches out on the tennis court. If you want to find out what a Tennis Mini-Course is and get a look at what this course is all about, just check out this link:


Finally, and most fun, I have several giveaways planned to happen throughout the month. I haven't had a giveaway in a while so I've decided to do a whole bunch of them this month. I'll be giving away some really great resources that I know, from experience, can help your tennis game. These giveaways will be announced here on the website and in emails to my Tennis Fixation weekly update subscribers so if you haven't subscribed already, be sure and do so by clicking on this link (you'll also get my free ebook on improving your serve when you sign up!):

I hope you'll check back often for all of these goodies and join me in having a very fun National Tennis Month!

Happy Tennis Month!  Celebrate With Tennis Fixation!

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