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Happy National Ravioli Day with Ravino…

By Marialiberati

March 20th is National Ravioli Day……Celebrate with Ravino Pasta


 Ravino Pasta is making a name for itself in the frozen ravioli category. What sets Ravino ravioli apart from other brands is the superior filling and paper-thin dough.  Ravino’s cheese ravioli are filled with the finest Impastata Ricotta and Parmesan cheese while all other fillings are composed primarily of fresh, nutrient-rich produce.  In these ravioli the cheese is used only to highlight the natural flavors of the vegetables, making the Ravino brand a wholesome, healthy and delectable choice.

pasta photo

Now food lovers can indulge in more delicious pasta-based meals, packed with natural, healthy ingredients. Ravino never uses any fillers unlike many other brands. Founder and CEO of Ravino, Diane DePalma is passionate about her products, stating “We’re committed to continue providing unique and healthy products that people are proud to serve to their family and friends!”

Ravino products can now be found in many quality stores in the New York metropolitan area (NY, NJ, MA and PA). Click here to find a store near you.

In honor of National Ravioli Day, Ravino Pasta wants to share some interesting bites about this increasingly popular pasta!

  1. The name “ravioli” is derived from the old Italian word riavvolgere (to wrap).
  2. This meal time favorite was traditionally served in a vegetarian form on Fridays throughout Italy

Did we whet your appetite? For more fun facts about ravioli (like the Guiness World Record’s longest ravioli EVER), visit our facebook page.

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