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Happy Independence Day, Nigerians!

By 9jagirl4real
Dear Nigerians, Happy Independence day!!! Buhari is stealing your money and traveling everywhere. Happy Independence day! Our young people are growing up with no hope for a better future! Happy Independence day! Democracy is destroying our country. Happy Independence day.
Our politicians are eating all our money and our people are suffering and dying every day for it.
Happy Independence day.
The common man is dying of poverty.
Happy Independence day.
Our children are dying.
Happy Independence day.
The future of our country is unknown.
Happy Independence day. What are we celebrating? What is there to celebrate? Our best brains are leaving the country with no plans of returning. Our politicians are not accountable to anybody for wasting our money. The youth are silenced by greedy thugs with big details. We really have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Independence Day! nigeria-independence-day
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