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Happy Independence Day America

By Masfashion

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Happy Birthday America. You beautiful thing, you! I proudly celebrate this holiday almost like my own birthday. My family is extremely patriotic and have always instilled the grave importance of giving thanks to those who fought for our independence. I love and respect my mom for many different reasons but one of the reasons I look up to her most is her unwavering support for our soldiers. In 2005 my mom met a soldier on the golf course who mentioned to her he was going to Iraq to fight in Iraqi Freedom. The soldier was around my brothers age and thinking of her own son having to fight a war really got to her. She went to bed that night, still thinking of this encounter, and prayed that if there was something she could do, to let her know. At this time in 2005 she also ran a cookie/gift basket business. That night, she got hit with an idea that changed her life!

When she was in college her grandmother used to send her chocolate chip cookies. She used to love receiving those packages and every time she opened a box she always felt like she was back at home eating them in her kitchen. If there is one thing that will immediately take you “home” it is the power of scent. Putting two and two together she decided to create, Grammy’s Cookie Convoy, as a way to remind the soldiers that there were still people at home thinking of them. She decided to call them “hugs from Grammy” to not only send them a “hug from home” but also to honor her grandmother.  Nine years later, thousands and thousands of cookies shipped, and many thankful letters she has inspired me and others beyond what she could imagine. When a soldier writes her or calls letting her know they received the cookies and it brought tears to their eyes or the cookies boosted the moral of the entire platoon, it is a feeling I can’t explain (read what they say here). The words these grown men say to my mother are so powerful. I am beyond honored to know a women who can touch so many different and important peoples lives.

This July 4th will be a bit different than others in the past. I  will actually be spending a few days after the 4th in one very powerful and heartbreaking place – the Normandy American Cemetery. I have been once and have never forgotten the overall feeling of gratitude, exhaustion, and other emotion I can’t quite put into words but ones which brought me to my knees and tears to my eyes. I am happy to be going back, this time with my parents – the ones who instilled in me such American pride and gratefulness to those who serve. I am honored to have a mom who felt the need to do more, and did, as well as to live in this amazing country where people are willing to risk their lives to keep our freedom!  This fourth I hope you spend it celebrating with your loved ones and also remembering the sacrifice others have given. We are so lucky!

to learn more about my moms project you can visit Troops Project 

You can also stay up to date via her Facebook page

For ever $1 donated, 1 giant chocolate chip cookie made right here in the USA is sent to the troops! If you feel willing, Donations can be placed here

Each box of cookies ships with letters from home. If you would like to send letters (which are always needed) you can mail them to:

Grammy’s Cookie Convoy
P.O. Box 1202
Montgomery, TX 77356

If you know of any soldiers serving overseas be sure to e-mail and we will do our best to get them a box! 

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