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Happy Halloween

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I'm going all out this year to celebrate Halloween. It was my friend Lakeland Jo's favorite "holiday". She loved being in the States around this time because of all the fun and the "stuff" she could take back  for her annual party. It's her funeral today too. How very apt.
On Saturday night I went to a fab Halloween party. The hosts' brother was there; he's in a band as well as being a DJ, so he had his karaoke stuff (complete with giant screen) on hand. I had recently come across a fun psychedelic cat suit which looked really 60's or 70's, depending on how you accessorized it. One giant blonde bubble wig later and Voila! Disco diva.
Happy Halloween
Truth be told, I was wearing so much  make-up (compared to what I usually sport) that I looked more like a Drag Queen than a Disco Queen, but hey!
And my lovely little date, the Sith Lord. Lordy but that costume took an age to make. Someone kick me next year when I mention going to look for a halloween pattern. Please!
So Happy Halloween y'all, and to my lovely Jo, - farewell! xx

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