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Happy Halloween 2013

By Christopher De Voss @chrisdevoss

For those unfamiliar, this is a pumpkin with Walter White’s face carved into it. Walter White is from the TV show Breaking Bad, the greatest TV show ever mind you.


No matter what I did to that graphic above it either came out blurry, or came out too small to read. Thanks for nothing WordPress.

What it says is:


I can’t even cut a good triangle eye socket.


I like to use the patterns so ppl think I’m artistic. Tricks on them ! (Emoticon with tongue sticking out)


I tried to use patterns, but they get all bunched up on the pumpkin…then my pattern of a werewolf looks like a messed up triangle eye socket.

Happy Halloween


Happy The Pattern Looks Easier In The Book Then It Is To Perform On The Pumpkin


Happy I Hope I Don’t Run Out Of Candy Before Those Damn Teenagers Who Decided At 10 O’clock At Night To Go Trick Or Treating With Their Pillow Case And Besides Aren’t They Too Old To Go Trick Or Treating Anyway?


Happy Turn Off All Your Lights And Make No Noise Because Your Too Cheap Or Lazy To Buy/Give Out Candy


Happy Go Downtown And Stare At All The Ladies’ Butts That Are Hanging Out Of The Bottom Of Their Bumble Bee Costumes


Happy Go Through Your Kids’ Candy And Stick The Bit O’ Honey Back Into The Candy Bowl To Give To Other Trick Or Treaters

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