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Happy Halloween!

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Our weekend was low key and something that Zach and I both were really looking forward to enjoying together since being on the go the last month and a half. We've been staying up late watching the Cubs games, hanging with friends and enjoying quality time together.
Saturday we were productive in getting endless amounts of laundry cleaned, dried and put away, scrubbed endless floors and bathrooms plus I emptied out half my closet of clothes that I never wear anymore to bring to GoodWill today. Does anyone else always feel great after they've gotten a lot of that accomplished?
Happy Halloween!Some little lady has been vetoing taking a nap in her bed for whatever reason. I actually found this girl asleep on the floor and had to cover my mouth from bursting out laughing. #Toddlers. At least she took a nap because we had a late night at a friend's Halloween party that night and that girl partied hard with her friends.
Sunday we finally sprang for a second car seat because this pregnant girl trying to lug her daughter's car seat into her car if ever Zach can't pick her up from daycare is a pain in the butt. She seemed pretty excited to have a new seat.
Happy Halloween!Oh, and I'm sure you're all wondering what our little rugrat is going to be for Halloween. So many people have always told us that she looks exactly like Boo from Monsters, Inc and paired with a cute Sully doll for her to take with her tonight, she plays the part well. ( Picture from my Snapchat Handle--> CaitW22 )
Alrighty well I'm off to get tons of candy and hope my toddler makes it to all the homes in our little neighborhood. Hope you all have a great Monday and enjoy Halloween!

What are your plans for Halloween?Are you dressing up as anyone?post signature

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