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Happy Feasting with Larder Fair

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
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I hinted about it the other day, but today I wanted to tell you all about Larder Fair.  Larder Fair is the UK's 1st Flexible Craft Food Subscription.  Larder Fair is an online Farmer's Market.  I don't know about you, but I enjoy a good boo around a Farmer's Market, and perusing all of the products available, many of which you won't see anyplace else.  Larder Fair supports small suppliers from across the UK by paying them quickly and taking over some of the selling, whilst still giving those who join Larder Fair full choice of the range available at a time which suits them individually. Your money is converted into credit for you to spend freely. You pick the products and the time that suits. We can collectively fund small, independent suppliers and reserve the pick of the crop. In short, ‘Exclusive Fare at Fair Prices’."
I was invited to receive one of their boxes and write about the experience.
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The order arrives in a special box using recycled wool as the insulation, it had a bit of a "farm" smell, but its totally biodegradable and compostable, and I have to say everything inside was still well chilled, which I thought was great.  Apparently you can bury it in the garden and give your tomato plants a boost!
I was quite pleased with the delivery actually.  It arrived in a timely fashion and everything was still chilled and I had no fears at all with the temperature of the food included.
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There was also bio-degradable shavings in the box as an added protection.  There have been so many times with other delivery services where I have received a box and something inside has been crushed by heavier articles, or broken open, etc.  There was none of this.
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 I have to say the food included was A- M - A - Z - I - N - G!
Totally amazing.
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Affording me the opportunity to try some really delicious quality ingredients!
 photo DSCN7698_zpsgusgxgst.jpg
Nduja, handmade in Hackney, by Bland Hand Food. Nduja is a type of spreadable chorizo. Smooth in texture and flavor with a healthy amount of paprika, chilli flakes and seasoning.  It wasn't anything I had ever seen or heard of before and I have to say it has been delicious spread on hot crisp toast.  Fabulously tasty!
 photo DSCN7699_zpsolua6glq.jpg
 Lord of the Hundreds by Buchanan's Cheesemonger.  Oh my word . . . this is delicious cheese.
 photo lord-of-the-hundreds-500px_zpsquklh128.jpg
Crumbly and rich with little calcium crystals.  I found myself sneaking into the refrigerator just for a little crumbly bit.  Shhh . . .  don't tell Todd.  ☺
 photo DSCN7700_zpsgqydkyfv.jpg
Traditional Biltong from Gloucester Biltong.
Happy Feasting with Larder Fair
I was a little bit concerned that we would have a difficult time eating this, as we have old gnashers, but it was soft, tender and very delicious.
 photo DSCN7701_zpsotaqqly8.jpg
Gravlax, booze cured in Camberwell, with lemon and pepper notes and just the faintest whisper of Ale.  Very nice.  So nice, I didn't get a photo of it.  Sorry.  Tasty. Tasty.
 photo DSCN7702_zpsil8wka8u.jpg
Graceburn British Feta, from the Blackwoods Cheese Company.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Easily some of the best Feta Cheese I have ever eaten.
 photo DSCN7744_zpsxmhpsbdm.jpg
This is what we had on our Greek Tacos the other day.  It was fabulous.  Rich and tangy, with a hint of garlic . . . creamy and delicious.  Easily a favorite with us both.
 photo DSCN7703_zpsvcijukay.jpg
I wasn't quite sure what type of Saucisson this was as any label, or tag was not on it.  But whatever it was Todd said it was quite delicious.  (I didn't actually get to try any of this one.)
 photo DSCN7704_zpsc9vbwssb.jpg
 Answell Cured Sausage by Crowne and Queue.  This was delicious with hints of Black Pepper, Black Currant and beer, rich complex flavours.  Very nice.
 photo DSCN7705_zps1nakgtyc.jpg
Boksburg Blue Cheese Crackers,  made in Wales by CNWC Crackers.  Crisp and moreish.   I could eat these all on their own.  (And have been!  Glutton that I am.)
 photo DSCN7706_zpsbgltnbrp.jpg
Fruition Spicy Tomato Ketchup
 photo DSCN7707_zpsyn4yujui.jpg
Fruition Plum & Vanilla Compote
Both products by Fruition.  The ketchup is nice and spicy.  Perfect with fries.  And the compote is lovely in the morning with some Greek Yogurt.
  photo DSCN7708_zpsx9q6bkob.jpg
Dried Shiitake Mushrooms.  These have gone into my store cupboard for something special.  From The Mushroom Garden.  I will look forward to doling these out in small amounts when I really want to add a special touch to meat pies,sauces, or soups.  Yum!
 photo DSCN7709_zpstfat5mrf.jpg
And a final little treat to enjoy on my morning Elevensies with my hot cup of chocolate.  Honey, Lemon and Ginger Biscotti from the Great British Biscotti Company. Oh, I do love Biscotti very much.
  photo DSCN7710_zpsp1y2j5rf.jpg
What a beautiful lunch some of these ingredients made on the day after the box arrived, with a little tidbit of most of the ingredients we received and the addition of some olives and pickled beetroot.   Todd thought he had died and gone to heaven!
 I really liked that all of the items were produced here in Britain and I was really impressed with the quality and choice.
How it works:
1.  You join the Larder Fair Community
2.  Larder Fair pays the producers a fair price and reserves the pick of the crop.
3.  You, as a member of the community, browse and order what and when you fancy.
4.  It gets delivered to you when and as you want it and you get to enjoy a delicious feast of your choosing.
By joining and paying a small amount each month you will encourage their suppliers/producers to grow and have your credit available to spend at a time that suits you.
Happy Feasting with Larder Fair
Tom and Ben started this company inspired by their mutual love of good food, and  their desire to enjoy, share and try interesting products made by like-minded individuals, who demonstrate a pride in their food. With no waste, you receive only the things which you want to try and to use and enjoy. 
Works for me.
To find out more do check out their webpage at .
Many thanks to Ben and Tom for sending me this box and affording me the opportunity to sample their goods.  Colour me well impressed.
Note - Although I was sent an assortment of products to try free of charge, I was not required to write a positive review.  Any and all opinions are my own.  Simply put, the products on offer are of exceptional quality, and all were produced here in the UK.  That was a big plus for me. The packaging is fabulous, environmentally sound and ecologically ideal, and the price and concept a very fair one.  All plusses.  I wish them well on this venture.

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