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Happy Easter – What Did The Easter Bunny Bring Your Child?

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

Chocolate Easter BunnyHappy Easter from Uplifting Families!

Easter Sunday is an important holiday and is a day of celebration.  It is the day that of our Savior “Jesus Christ” returns from the dead.  He was resurrected three days after he died and he was placed into the tomb which was heavily guarded.  Easter is celebrated on Pentecost Sunday, which is the Sunday following Holy Week.  Many people attend church and spend time with their families on Easter Sunday.  Easter does not fall on a particular Sunday each year, in fact, according to Wikipedia “Easter falls on the Sunday following the full moon which follows the March equinox.”

 How did the Easter Bunny become an Easter tradition?

As most parents know, the Easter bunny has become a well recognized symbol that is associated with Easter Sunday.  Most kids look forward to the Easter egg hunts and getting goodies from the Easter bunny.  The Easter bunny began appearing in the USA around the 1700s, around the same time that the Germans came over to America.  When they arrived in America they settled in the Pennsylvania area.  The Germans brought with them a tradition of  a German hare that laid eggs called a Osterhase or Oschter Haws.  It is believed that a bunny signifies fertility and new life.

How did Easter Eggs become an Easter tradition?

Easter eggs are linked to a Pagan tradition and their traditions date back well into the 13th century.  Eggs are another symbol for Easter and they signify new life as well.  Most families spend time together dying or coloring Easter eggs.  Some families opt to stuffing fake eggs full of goodies instead of dying Easter eggs.  The eggs are hidden or take to Easter egg hunts.  Once the eggs are hidden then the children can go and find where they are hidden.

Many Parents Fill Their Children’s Easter Baskets with Candy

Many people stock up on a variety of candy for the Easter bunny to bring to the children on Easter morning.  If you wonder down the candy isle at some of your local retailers during Easter season, you will notice that most of the candy on the shelves are rabbits or egg shaped.  In fact, Easter is second leading holiday when it comes to selling candy.  (#1 being Halloween).  If you don’t like chocolate bunnies or eggs, you can find a wide variety of jelly beans which is another popular Easter candy.

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What Did the Easter Bunny Bring Your Child?

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