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Happy Days Project :)

By Chrryblossomtat2
I thought I would share this for a bit of fun. On instagram there is a hashtag for 100 happy days, which, if you take part, makes you feel compelled to take a photo each day of something (no matter how small) that made you smile.
I feel it's very important for everyone to stop and truly appreciate these moments but even more so for those of us who have depression. It's all to easy to say 'nothing happened today' or 'what another awful day' etc.
So... Days 1-5
Happy days project :)
Days 6-10
Happy days project :)
There are little quips about each one if you look on my Instagram account and plenty more photos that I just didn't tag for this as they happened on the same day. Watch out for some fabulous ones of Maggie - especially 'Pirate Maggie' and 'That Cat'
Days 11-15
Happy days project :)
Days 16-20
Happy days project :)
I'll update you with the next 20 soon...including some Scotland - hurrah. We all need #happy in our lives :)

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