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Happy Birthday True Blood Fan Source!

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Happy BirthdayToday True Blood Fan Source celebrates two years online! Midway through my first year of graduate school, Jaimie and I decided to open True Blood Fan Source. Our first post went up on March 21, 2011. I had no business opening a fan site. I had and still do have a full time job and go to school part time. As I’m writing this, there is reading and other homework I should be doing.  Two years later I’m still balancing academics with work and running this site plus two others and though it’s stressful at times, I love every single minute of it.

Thank you to all of our visitors and followers. We wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you also to the show, cast, and crew we love so much, True Blood. It has been a pleasure to write about the show and all of the other interesting things that the cast and crew has going outside of the show!

Happy birthday True Blood Fan Source! Here’s to another year of writing about the show, cast, and crew we love and making a difference anywhere we can!

In honor of our site’s birthday today, go support one of the coolest projects we’ve gotten to support this year, Out for Africa! You can learn more about it and make a donation here. If you like to shop, you can also help the elephants by buying cool jewelry or maybe something from eBay might interest you!

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