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Happy Birthday (belated) and 3D Movie

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
Happy 3rd Birthday to our nephew Luke! He turned 3 on Sunday.
Happy Birthday to Brenda aka Ami! She might shoot me for saying her age so I'll just say she turned another year young yesterday!
Ken and Brenda got the kiddos Monday night so Dagwood and I have had 2 date nights in a row! I got my hair did Monday night (color and new cut, yay!) and then we ate at Genghi's Grill. Yummy and too much but oh so good. We then went home and watched the next to last episode of House. So if you have seen the Series Finale don't spoil it. Haven't seen it yet!
Then last night we had Chipotle (I had never eaten there before) and it was delicious! We split a burrito since they are huge and some chips and salsa. Yummy! Then headed over to see The Avengers. There was an IMAX showing and we figured why not! We got these super cool, hip glasses to wear. Should have taken our picture to show how awesome we looked! At least everyone else looked just as goofy as we did. Ha! We were both wondering how our eyes would do with the 3D since this was our first time. It was really cool! If you've never done 3D you should try it. Things flying at you and it's as if you could reach out and touch something on screen. The Avengers was a great movie and I think the perfect kind of action flick to see in 3D. Highly recommend!
So a huge thank you to Opaw and Ami for taking care of our babies for a few days! We enjoyed the time we had just the two of us. I am excited to see my kiddos at dinner tonight though!

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