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Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM

By Thegenaboveme @TheGenAboveMe

Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM

Image by Nick Lee.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of this blog on aging.
Initially, this was a place for me to record my observations as a graduate student in a gerontology master's program.
Since then, I have taught gerontology classes at Wichita State University before moving to Indiana, where I currently teach part time for Indiana State University.
One of my primary identities is "Life-long Learner."  The blog gives me a place to share book reviews, research notes, and film analysis with others.
I've published over 300 posts, but the views in the last year pushed SIX posts from 2016 into the top 20.
Here are the 20 Posts that have accrued the most views over the last five years. 
In ascending order...
Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM
20. Quotes about Aging (April 25, 2016)
19. New Home for an Emptying Nester (March 14, 2016)
18. Midlife Ennui (March 7, 2016)
17. The Lie of One-and-Done Caregiving (January 21, 2016)
16. Books about Alzheimer's (June 5, 2014)
Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM

15. Films about Love and Sex for People 50 Plus (April 1, 2013)
14. Somebody Stole My Iron (April 4, 2016)
13. Mean Arterial Pressure: Biomarker of Longevity (March 7, 2016)
12. Robert Peck's Task for Late Adulthood (June 1, 2013)
11. Films about Aging to Watch Next (March 11, 2014)
Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM
10. Older Adults Who Are Athletes (May 24, 2012)
9. Films about Aging O-Z (March 16, 2014)
8. Life Span vs Life Expectancy (May 20 2013)
7. Hospital-induced Delirium (July 6, 2012)
6. Label Clothing for Nursing Home Residents (February 23, 2012)
Happy 5th Blogoversary to TGAM
5. Films Set in Nursing Homes (June 14, 2013)
4. Adjusting to Bifocals (December 15, 2012)
3. Books about Aging (June 12, 2012) 
2. Films about Aging (January 13, 2012)
1. Films about Alzheimer's & Other Dementias (February 25, 2013)
Please comment to let me know which post is your favorite.
Since my blogoversary is January 1st, let me also wish my readers a prosperous, productive, and peaceful New Year!
Happy 4th Blogoversary
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