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Happy 3rd Blogiversary to ‘The Fashion Camp’

By Kena @campchic

Well my darlings —-’The Fashion Camp’ turns 3 today! Yep. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for 3 long, boring, exhausting years. Just kidding. I love blogging! It’s my outlet to express all things creative in fashion, film, and food.

I’ve had a pretty rough year and half, from losing my job, losing a family member, losing my apartment, 2 car accidents, 21 job interviews, and just day-to-day life struggles. Life has a way of making you submit to things you are trying to run from. I’m so thankful and grateful to God, for every heartbreak, disappointment, and struggle. I’m much stronger than I was a year ago. True growth happens in the midst of the life’s storms.

Things are beginning to look up for me. After being unemployed for over a year and half, I’m happy to report that I’m employed again at an amazing company! I also have some other VERY exciting news to share once the time is right. A few months ago, I was blessed with an opportunity to participate in something that literally changed my life! I can’t wait to share it with you all. It will blow you away! I promise! All of my ups and downs over the past 18 months as taught me this one thing —– “My greatest fear is NO longer failure, rejection, and disappointment. My greatest fear is NOT being successful or reaching my full potential while I’m alive. Striving to be the best “Kena” I can be!”


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