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Happiness Is... Knowing That She Loves Going to School

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
I bumped into a fellow mom recently in our neighbourhood whose child used to be Angel's classmate. That is, before she decided to switch him to another childcare center to keep costs down. The thing is, she says that he is less happy than before, something that saddened me. I turned to him and asked him if he preferred his previous school, his ex-teachers and his good old classmates, his eyes and melancholic smile seemed to say it all.
On some days, I do feel that I am paying an exorbitant monthly fee for Angel's half day school, but after giving it some thought and for more reasons than one, we are here to stay. Sure, you can quote convenience since it is just next block or flexibility since it allows me to pick her up at noon every weekday. Read on why I believe half is more than enough. However, the one big reason that draws us to stay is because I know she is happy to go to school each day.
In this month's Happiness is, it is about knowing that she goes to school with a skip and a hop. And most importantly, a smile.
I am probably one of the naggiest parents who incessantly asks my child on "What did you do in school today?", "What songs did you sing today?", "What words did you learn today?", "What books did you read today?", "What food did you eat today?" and so on.
Honestly, I even made a regretted mistake of scolding and punishing her when she replied with a clean "I forgot" one day, when I myself was the one forgetting the fact that she was just a four-year-old. But well, one way or another, she got my point and would put in extra effort to remember the things she did in school so that she could share with me every time I picked her and held her hand to walk home together.
Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to schoolShe would tell me about the small and big things that happened in school. She would tell me which kid got scolded by the teacher, which kid fell down at the playground, which kid was her partner for the activities.
Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to schoolShe would try to hum the new song that she had learnt and sometimes when she forgot, she would say "Can you ask the teacher tomorrow and sing for me?". She would tell me about an achievement she did, like sharing stories in front of the class, and beam with pride and joy.
Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to schoolShe would share with me all about her adventures and how she tried cycling on a tricycle, played the piano or pretended to be a tiger. She would tell me whether she did painting that day and show me the stains on her shirt.
Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to schoolShe would let me know if she finished her lunch that day and what the meal consisted of. She would come out from school eating an apple with her right hand and holding a new piece of apple in her left. It's not that she is greedy, but she would take one apple to give to her beloved little sister, you see.
Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to school
I asked her "Do you love your school?" and she nodded.
I asked her "Do you like the teachers?" and she said "Yes!".
I asked her "Do you love your friends?" and she chirped "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
So, although this girl sleeps at near midnight every day, she would wake up at 8am and even if that means she needs to be dragged out of bed sometimes, she would get herself ready and prepare to go to school with a zestful spirit and a radiant smile.
That, makes me more thankful and glad than I can say.
Do your kids love going to school? Do you talk to them about what they do in school every day? Let them share with you and be amazed by the things they do!
P.S: I guess it is a relief for the pockets that we don't intend to send Ariel to school for another two years. So by the time she goes to nursery class, Angel will be in primary school already. Yay to more years of being a SAHM!
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What are you HAPPY for this month? 
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Happiness is... knowing that she loves going to school

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