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"Happiness is an Attitude". Really ?!

By Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Earlier in the day I was thinking that I lack ideas for new blog posts, well that's not entirely true since I'm writing this one. Considering that very few things happened to me lately I have to get inspired on the little things that social networking offers me. I stumbled upon one's thought that "happiness is an attitude" and well, I wanna prove them wrong.
Happiness is an attitude only when you're predisposed to it, only when your life's circumstances allow you to be happy and by your own choice you're not.
Imagine this, you have friends who cherish you, who are trying to do their best at being your friends, 'cause let's face it, being a friend to somebody is very a tiring job, you need to really want it 'cause otherwise it's just not going to work, no matter how nice of a person he/she is you can't compel yourself to like them. So you have friends, we've established that so far. You have a loving family, or at least one that doesn't stand in your way, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want with your life..
You're a student, you are close to graduate, you are getting closer to getting a job, or you are a freelancer and found a clever way to make some money.
Here. You have family, friends and money. Now, you really are allowed to think that happiness is an attitude, as long as you don't have money, friends or money you're in every right to be depressed, sad all the time and worrying that tomorrow may never come or it may be worse than the day before.
What I have observed is that people who say things like that are just lying to themselves, not everything is OK, not everything goes according to the plan, there is always somebody screwing things up. As I heard somebody saying is that sometimes all the time I can't control what happens to me, and it make me mad, and maybe I am mad a lot, don't really know.
So, the next time you say that you are happy, take five minutes and think if that's really true, don't lie to yourself and don't you dare judging other for not lying to themselves as well, If you really really want somebody to be happy be there for them, don't just dump the "happiness" thing on them and run, that's selfish of you, I can tell because it happened to me, not being happy, keeping hatred to other people is not really what I want for me. Make things happen, good things to sad people and you'll see gratitude and appreciation in their eyes, along with happiness.
I can't say that I have never been happy, but it's too insignificant comparing to the huge amounts of misery and sadness, that it eventually made me more cautious, I am afraid to smile 'cause my experience proved me that the next moments to come may bring the total opposite feelings.
I'm not a secret masochist, I would never choose to be depressed or sad, I'd never choose what I have, I would never settle for what I have, but I guess I was robbed off of what it takes to fight for more.

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