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By Augustabelle
For one little girl, happiness is waking up in the morning and seeing her parents' faces peeping over the edge of the crib as they lift her out to start the day.  That always brings the biggest grin to her face. Happiness is a freshly-peeled banana all for her.  Happiness is when Nico "cleans" the food off her face over and over with big wet sloppy kisses, and she sits there patiently enjoying every second of it.  Happiness is that beam of freedom and pride that washes across her as she clutches to a wall or a table and takes jagged little steps.  Happiness is a summer afternoon on the front stoop with Mama, practicing standing on those chubby little legs and holding on to Mama's arms.  Happiness is dreaming of the very near day when she will no longer need Mama's arms to brace her, when her strength will shine bright and she'll do it all on her own.  She's almost there, almost a toddler.. and when that happens, happiness will be found in the adventuring and the tumbling and stumbling through her newfound world...  
And for one Mama, happiness is that light in her daughters eye and that wonder in her smiling face as she slowly discovers all of the greatness that she is capable of.
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