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Happiest Christmas Party With The Prettiest Ladies Of Mommy Bloggers Philippines

By Milastolemyheart
Before I started blogging, I have maybe two or three mommy friends I can really talk to. Yeah, I got my Moms and Aunties. But talking to a friend with babies around the same age as yours is just different.
When I joined Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I was really hesitant to share myself and was more of a lurker. I am a newbie Mommy. I'm a good Mom to Mila but I'm not sure if what I know and do is good enough for the mommy experts in the group. I am a newbie Blogger too. Again, what do I know? We're talking about great established bloggers who had been in the industry for a while. In fact, they are my resource when I was still pregnant, trying to grasp the idea of motherhood. So what am I to share?
Happiest Christmas Party With The Prettiest Ladies Of Mommy Bloggers PhilippinesThen I started joining blogger activities and events. I participated in blog supports and followed the stories of all the beautiful ladies in this group. My world suddenly expanded. I learned about new things and was able to confidently share what I know, and more importantly, what I don't know. It does not matter because each one is very willing to help out with no judgment. We may be Mommies and Bloggers, but we are more than that. We are Wives, Bakers, Entrepreneurs, Fashionistas, Techies, and a whole lot more! Just look at the diverse blogging niche that we have in the MBP Community.
MBP's first major activity was the Halloween Party. My post about it had been gathering dust in my drafts. I think I'm saving it for next year? I hope not. I have to start working on my blogging schedule. But I digress.
As I was saying, the Halloween party was successful, albeit some small hiccups. It was well attended but I was not really able to bond with my co-mommies. Who could when you have babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and/or tweens running around, trying to grab your attention.
So when the invite was posted for the first ever Christmas Party of MBP, I made sure I'll be there. It does not matter if I'll be sleepless since it'll be in between my work shifts. I want to be able to know these amazing mommas some more. Chika with these ladies non-stop. And I did not regret going!
The MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014 was held at Spaces by Babyland last Friday. I love that the venue is very easy to find. The space was just cozy enough for us with a lot of space to move around but still feel very intimate. I love the blues and whites and silvers all over.
MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014
I'm not sure why I expected that I'll just be sitting down and wait for the program to start. With these crazy mommies, it was a wonderful chaos. Of course, the first thing we did was to start the chika. Mommies Que, Aubrey, Jen and Bave, who we missed, and me had a task to conquer the photobooth (hangover from a previous event), and we did! We finally managed to fit in the frame! Thanks to Yeah, Shoot Photobooth. I swear they have the best quality print outs I've seen!

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

Que, Jen, Rackell (new photobooth recruit), Paulline, Aubrey

The program started a little after 1PM. We had an awesome Ice Breaker and I couldn't stop myself from posting a Facebook status on how hard Speed Dating is! The 20 questions task got us to know a little more about each other and it was loud and fun. I skipped lunch so I was a hungry already by the time it was time to eat. I'm glad I made tummy space. We actually had four, yes that's 4 caterers. All of them are absolutely wonderful.
I started with Shekinah Dishes because they are the closest to where I was seated. I normally would not get Korean Beef because I find it either too sweet or salty. This one is just perfect and is now my favorite. A little on the spicy side which is how I want my food. Next stop was The Posh Caterer. When they say they cater in style, they really do. I love their table setup and food presentation. I enjoyed the lasagna and but my favorite was the perfectly balanced Mango Crepe - tangy and sweet and creamy. I had to go back for seconds. The Love Desserts buffet table had been calling my attention since I got in the room. Imagine at least 10 kinds of sweets and pastries and cakes. I had been avoiding sweet treats for 30 days and I couldn't help but indulge. I had to have at least one bite of each. I was too full but that did not stop me from trying out the nachos and buritos from Kubiertos. What can I say? They are all so lovely!

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

I  barely had food pics because I was too busy eating and talking. :)

To make our afternoon bonding a lot more fun, generous sponsors had provided us gifts to be raffled off. If you have noticed my previous #ThankfulThursday posts, I had been so lucky on raffles and giveaways the past couple of months, I was hoping to keep my lucky streak going. My eyes are on the Sharp LED TV since ours had been begging for replacement. The Acer Tablet is great too but it was the first to be given away and Mommy Jingke got it. The mommies were really into this and we had great fun as each name was called to get their prize from Glorietta, The Cream Factory, Renuzit, or Lazada. Then only about 13 mommies were left uncalled and the only item left is the TV from Abenson. Oh no, I thought I'd go home empty handed. Then they changed the rule - last man lady standing, the name that does not get picked wins. Did I just mention my name don't get picked in raffle draws right? That's why I won! Whoo hoo! I got my earliest Christmas / Birthday gift!

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

See my happy face? Claimed the TV day after the paty. Decided to open it on my birthday. Thanks again MBP and Abenson

Everyone still went home as winners. Each one received a big bag of goodies from Fly Ace, Nailaholics, Teleserv, Zomato, Trolli, Triumph, and Nature Essentials. Even on our way home, the happiness did not stop. Mommy Lally and Jho shared an Uber ride with me and we had extended chika minutes. That got us planning a meet up for mommy bonding using our Nail and Hand Spa GC from Nailaholics, playdates and a picnic, and much more. I also love the bag I got from Mommy Nadia for our exchange gift, it's my go to bag right now! It says: Dream Big!

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

photo credit: Mommy Bloggers Philippines

I told you, MBP members are just too fun. These ladies are not just blank faces whose blogs I read for guidance and inspiration. They are now friends who I grow with, as a blogger, mom, and woman. Mommy Bloggers Philippines for me is not just an online group but a community I'm happy to be part off!

MBP Winter Wonderland Christmas Party 2014

photo credit: Mommy Joy Gurtiza

Here's a video of the party made by Mommy Joy. Just see how much fun we had! Until next party!

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