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H&R; Block Taxcut Premium – Online Tax Filing Software

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

When it comes to filing your taxes with the IRS, one can easily get lost with all of the options that are available now days. Some companies, promise instant gratification with a loan to get you your tax money right away, others simply e-file your tax return for you. But through all the choices, there is one that is a no-brainer to me and that is H R; Blocks Online Tax Premium +E-File.
For the past few years, I have always been one of those people, who packed all my tax information up, and took it to one of these tax offices, that are all of a sudden everywhere, come January 1st. Every time I have done this, even after using coupons, I have always found myself with a bill that I was anything but happy with. After doing a bit of research I have found that these "Tax Specialists" most of the time, just simply ask you the questions that their program asks, and there really is no "specialist" help required, for the average tax return. This year once again I found myself browsing all of the popular tax specialist's websites when I came across H R; Blocks, do it yourself for 19.95. I further noticed that I did not even have to pay until I was ready to file my taxes. So with that in mind I decided that I had nothing to lose by giving the software a try.
I found that the software appeared almost identical to what those specialists used in their stores. It would ask me the same questions that the specialists would ask me, and the only difference was that I had to fill in the answer myself, rather then let someone else. The program has several checks through out the process to ensure that you are not making any errors, and with the premium service if you do have any questions that are not covered in their extensive help database, you can contact a Tax Advisor, to resolve your question. Overall once I gathered all the information I needed, the whole process took me about 30 minutes from start to finish, to e-file my return, and that included me going through the whole process twice to make sure I completed everything.
The premium service also allows you to e-file your taxes which means that, if you choice to have your refund Direct Deposited, you should receive your refund within 8-15 days. Which is the same time that any Tax specialist can guarantee, unless you agree to give up a portion of your refund for the "instant loan", which in my opinion is just a horrible idea.
Finally if for some reason the IRS does not like your return, H R; Block offers a service they call "Worry-free Audit Support" which is there to offer their customers the piece of mind when it comes to using their software.
Overall, my experience with the H R; Block Taxcut Online was very good. Their easy to use format was well laid out, and made as simple as possible, they really have taken the guess work out of filing your tax returns.

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