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Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha

By Creativeculinary @CreativCulinary
This simple Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha is a fantastic update to what was a staple in our home growing up. A bit of spice is nice! Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha

The last time I made a Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole I was right in the middle of the process of having decided to sell my old home and getting ready to actually put it on the market. While I will always have great memories of that home and I cried a river of tears at leaving it; it was time and I've been happy where I landed. Still, some things never change; it seems this casserole always comes about when I'm doing some pantry organization!

Back in 2013 I was simply trying to use pantry items and not have to move them; this past week it was more about having too many cans of baked beans and not enough room to store them. That happens sometimes; I'll see something and buy it and get home and find I already have plenty. Welcome to my world of baked bean, panko breadcrumbs, and dried espresso. Seriously I could open my own market with those three items!

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha

Every single time, this casserole transports me to those years of being a single mom and making casseroles and quick meals for two young girls. I honestly think versions of this recipe have been around for a gazillion years. If I'm not mistaken my mom made it for us as kids too; dishes like this were our idea of 'Hamburger Helper.' It's funny; I've always loved this dish but never think of making it without a family to feed. I need to get over that; I love it too!

It is requisite that it be served with either biscuits or corn muffins. And in keeping with tradition they are either Bisquick biscuits or Jiffy Cornbread Mix. NO judging!!

I did mix it up just a bit this time from what I've normally done with the addition of some Rocky Mountain Sriracha. Who says you can't go home again AND make changes? I've long been a proponent of Emeril Lagasse and his suggestion we 'kick it up a notch.' This sauce sure did just that.

I was sent a bottle to sample and I was honestly not prepared for how wonderful it is. How wonderful? I opened my fridge and pitched the Rooster...doesn't even begin to compare. The flavors are so fresh and perfectly seasoned. Flavorful? Absolutely. Hot? Yes. Burn your tongue hot? No. Meaning it was perfect for me...I want flavor, not a flame throwing experience!

Only available online right now but so worth it; SO good!

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha

I can't deny that the sweet element is what I've always found appealing; something about that mixture of molasses and brown sugar with a touch of mustard and a hint of smokiness that transports this dish far beyond mere baked beans; the addition of ground beef makes it a whole meal in a bowl. Adding heat? No words; makes it even better. Leftovers were a bit scarce so I added some pasta and topped it with some sour cream and more Sriracha Pepper Sauce. Second verse as good as the first! Really try your family loves it too!

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole


Brown and drain


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine the beef, bacon and onion in a large over proof skillet and brown until the meat is browned and the onions have softened. Drain off the grease.
  3. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well and bake in the oven for 35-40 minutes until hot and bubbly.
  4. We love it served with biscuits or cornbread!

Recipe Notes

In a hurry? Make it in a pressure cooker. Brown the beef, bacon and onions and drain. Add the remaining ingredients, set your pressure cooker on Manual/High for 5 minutes; let the pressure release naturally and serve!

More? For leftovers, add the mixture to some cooked noodles and top with sour cream and more Sriracha Pepper Sauce.

Hamburger Baked Bean Casserole with Sriracha

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