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Halo Reach Pyrrhic Victory

Posted on the 05 September 2012 by Gamermonkey

Halo Reach

Let's talk about Halo Reach. We all know Halo 4 is on its way in November. Lately I've been dusting off some old video games. And while Halo Reach isn't exactly one of the older games on the 360, it's certainly been a while since I last played. It was like welcoming an old friend. For those who don't own a copy of Halo Reach but you've been considering it, it's time you did . Halo Reach is worth every penny of its purchase price and while it may not be the perfect shooter, there is so much content and fun to be had I can personally guarantee the vast majority of those who really give the game a chance will enjoy it.

Halo Reach Deliver Hope Youtube by Bungie

Halo Reach War of Attrition

Players, you will take control of Noble 6, the newest member of the Spartan Noble Team stationed on Reach. Events transpire and you discover the Covenant have invaded Reach, a colony and the largest military producer of weapons, ships, soldiers, such as the Spartan 2 Program of the UNSC. The United Nations Space Command. What you have here is a war of attrition. This is your battle of Thermopylae set int the future. And perhaps the analogy is somewhat appropriate considering the Super Soldiers are named after the Spartans. While the UNCS puts up a honorable fight, it's just not enough against eh superior forces of the Covenant.

Halo Reach Gameplay

The gameplay in Halo Reach is solid. What makes it so addicting, so immersing, is the level of strategy built into it. Especially on difficulties such as Legendary, players will have to use their wits at all times and must be at the very top of their game. Or you will die. A lot. A few grunts could take you down if you're not careful. And with all the different guns, grenades, ballistics, and armor abilities at your disposal, Halo Reach almost becomes like a game of chess. You accumulate a bunch of small advantages and use everything you have in an effective and efficient way.


The environments in Halo Reach are breathtaking,. The level of detail is superb and all the different elements from the battles raging in the skies, to the lush flora around you, or the grit of the structures you combat your foes, to the little things such as bullet and scorch marks on the walls, all create this sense of participating in planetary warfare.

Levels of Halo Reach

The levels themselves have tremendous variety and you never feel like you in the same place that's been copy and pasted from a previous level. You battle through settlements and homesteads. Take the fight to the Covenant across vast deserts. Leave no man behind through the towering cities. Survive the Covenant onslaught through dark labyrinths and caverns. Fight through military bases and space docks.

Halo Reach Space Combat

For the first time, Halo fans can take the fight to the Covenant in space combat. Space combat in Halo Reach is similar to games such as Crimson Skies and even games like Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. This is a new direction for Halo and I after the positive feedback from most reviews and the Halo community, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll see it again in Halo 4. Heck, maybe even an entire spin off concentrating on solely space warfare between the UNSC and the Covenant Armada.

Halo Reach Multiplayer Gamplay and Modes

Multiplayer is, arguably, the biggest selling point of Halo Reach. Halo Reach has several new multiplayer maps each with its own unique characteristics. Along with the new maps there are a few new modes as well.
Fire Fight: makes a return from ODST, but there are new modes such as
Invasion: One team controls the Covenant and attempts to take certain points of interest while the other plays the opposing side as Spartans. Some of the other modes include
Big Team Battles: Teams of 8 fight each other. Team Slayer, Snipers, Capture the Flag, etc.
Rumble Pit: Acts as a sort of jack of all trades. Think Slayer, Infection, Head hunter
Multi-Team: 6 teams of 2 in a team free-for-all.
Team Slayer: 2 teams of 4
Team Objective: Similar to Big Team Battle only with smaller teams competing against each other for different objectives.
Arena: For the competitive players. For those of you know really know what you're doing. Teams of 2-4 destroy each other. Have fun.
multiplayer is all about content and customization

Theater Mode

Theater Mode is a great feature for those who like to upload video onto Youtube and share your experiences with the online community. Capture those sick pictures and footage of taking down your foes.

Forge 2.0

Forge 2.0. Forge mode is one of my personal favorites. Bungie and their affiliates too all our complaints about Forge Mode in Halo 3 and improved upon it in almost every way you can think of. What used to take half a day to build can no be done in minutes. And you know this will only be even easier in Halo 4. I know a few guys working on it and so far it looks amazing and easier to construct what you want. Even easier than Halo Reach, and it's pretty easy in this game. Construct your masterpieces, maps you would love to destroy your friends on, or, make something really out there and fun. Check out Youtube, some of these creations are truly inspired, from the competitive maps that will make hardcore Halo players drool, to those who like something wacky and fun.
Of course, one of the great things about Halo is the level of infrastructure established by the servers. Bungie takes care of its loyal fans and it's no wonder the Halo servers have the reputation of being among the best of the best in the gaming community.

Halo Reach Gameplay Youtuve vid by xlXlxPIMxlXlx

The Perfect First person Shooter?

Halo Reach is very strong all around both in gameplay, musical score, and visuals. But like all games there are some things to improve upon. For me, and others I've talked to, there were some parts of the game weren't as impactful or epic as they could have been.

Character Development

The relationships with the other members of the team wasn't quite there in my opinion. For its relatively short campaign, there isn't as much character development as there should be. You don't really have enough time to get to know the members of Noble Team. Looking cool, having an accent, and doing some impressive things aren't quite enough to get the player to really care. You might feel a slight ping of remorse when certain characters die or are killed but not much beyond that.

Problems with Space Combat in Halo Reach

This is my complaint about the space combat that everyone seems to love. I wasn't a big fan. It was a nice change of pace for a few minutes. But it felt very sluggish compared to fighting on land. Halo is all about the intense action and constant adrenaline rush. With the space combat everything just felt prolonged and lagged compared to what we're used to. Faster gameplay would have really sold me on it. And one idea I have, admittedly I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought this, but I think people would have enjoyed online space combat (even more if they would speed up the freaking thing).

Where's my Legendary Ending?

Halo Reach has no Legendary Ending. Why not? It's such as off break from tradition, especially since Halo Reach is a "Thank you" from the developers to all the loyal fans over the years since Halo 1. If I'm    pulling my hair out trying to beat the game on Legendary, and then finally do so, I want my Legendary Ending. And I know I'm not the only one.

Respawning Issues

Also, Halo Reach, just like its predecessors, has some weird respawn points. There were times when I'd respawn at a checkpoint where I have little ammo and health, or, parts where I died a split second after respawning. And that can get annoying.

Halo Reach Final Verdict


Halo Reach is bursting with content. The campaign is spectacular and a blast to play solo or online with up to three other friends. The online multiplayer will have you playing longer than you'd ever admit to anyone. Just be prepared to take a dip in your social life. And no, trash talking a guy you don't even know doesn't count and laughing at a little boy trying to be older and trash talk with words he doesn't even understand doesn't count either. The problems with Halo Reach are minor and few and far between. If you haven't played this game, give it a try. Even those never say die Playstation fans will enjoy this game. If if someone like me, a huge PS3 fan loves Halo Reach, I can't be the only one and more of you could if you just put your irrational prejudices aside. And let's be frank, half the reason so many PS3 fans don't like Halo is because its a 360 exclusive and they don't have one. Halo Reach earns an outstanding 9 out of 10.

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