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Halloween Fashion 2015

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

I must admit, I am a geek at heart. As an admirer of cosplay, I am also a huge fan of all things Halloween. Halloween not only brings out the child in me, it inspires me when I see the outlandish decorations, cool costumes, and artistic pumpkins some people create for this one special day a year.

Cosplay costumes are a bit more elaborate and can take months to make because, in order for them to be considered for a cosplay award, they must be an exact duplicate of the original (well pretty close to it). Moreover, the creator must act and perform like the character the costume was inspired by.

One does not simply wear a cosplay outfit, he or she makes it come alive!

Halloween Fashion 2015

I just love the imagination that Halloween seems to bring, people magically create costumes out of nothing at all.

Not to mention it is the one time of year that grownups can actually play dress up with the kids and they do not feel uncomfortable about it. To be honest, I think most grown ups love to dress up, they just cannot admit it.

Halloween Fashion 2015

Besides the costumes and decor, the one thing that I love about this time of year is the rich reds, oranges, and yellow combinations that the fall leaves brings along with the holiday. There is nothing more beautiful than standing at the edge of the forest watching the leaves fall as a warm October wind brushes against your face.

Halloween, how do I love, let me count the ways!

  1. Elaborate Decor
  2. Candle Lighting
  3. Creative Costumes
  4. Rich Colours
  5. Imaginative Fashion
  6. Candies
  7. Masquerade Parties
  8. Happy Children
  9. Scary Movies
  10. Haunted Houses

Speaking of Imaginative Fashion, Body Art is sort of cool too! Don't you agree?

Halloween Fashion 2015

When it comes to Halloween Fab.........it does not get any better than Aubrey O'Day as Cruella-De-Vil found on Popsugar.com

Halloween Fashion 2015

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