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Halloween Costumes That Are Effortless!

By Robinavidor @robinavidor


I know, some people dread dressing up for Halloween and don’t think it is fun at all. Naturally that is not me! I love it! It is a day to express yourself however you want and get away with it! But if you dread the shopping and racking your brain for ideas, here are a few super simple ones for you to copy! Most of the stuff you can find right in your own closet! Sara, Danielle and I spent around $10 on these looks! We just needed to add a few accessories to our existing wardrobe and we were done, quite fabulously too, if I may say so myself! 

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Sara and I added a hat and Danielle added a mask. At that point I was done, LOL! Sara also picked up a mini broom stick to match her leggings that she had in her closet! Danielle simply pulled up her hood and was transformed into Little Red Riding Hood!She added a cute bucket to hold her candy and lipstick too LOL!

So don’t fear Halloween, it’s really not too tricky! Just add a witches hat, a simple mask and a bucket and you are good to go! Have fun with it! xoxoxo #rockinrobin

Halloween Costumes That Are Effortless!
Halloween Costumes That Are Effortless!
Halloween Costumes That Are Effortless!

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