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Halloween (1978)

Posted on the 26 November 2023 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

English Audio Description? Provided By: Zoo Digital

Narrated By: Tanzi Alexander

No, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve seen Halloween before. i actually own the film on DVD, so when you see that missing “Where I Watched It” segment, and you think I’m being sketchy, remember that I do own this film. Physically. The fact that the studio couldn’t be bothered to provide accessibility is not my problem. i should not have to seek out accessibility when I’ve done my part in purchasing your title. It’s not an upgrade. It’s what I need to function.

So, this was my first time watching the John Carpenter classic with audio description, and I was really surprised at how good it is. Yes, we all know Michael was The Shape originally, but this film really does refer to him as Michael Myers, so I’m not really sure why The Shape is such a thing. We know who he is. Especially now, as he’s a freaking icon. I can’t truthfully say I’ve seen every single Halloween film. It’s so random. I’ll say other than the original, I’ve seen 3, 6, H20, Resurrection, and David Gordon Green’s trilogy. I missed out on both Rob Zombie efforts, and a few of the other Myers films. I know it’s weird that I’ve seen the one without him, but it was out of morbid curiosity.

This original is a classic, and is a film I truly hope is in the National Film Registry at some point. It shows what you can do with very little budget, and a talent like John Carpenter, who understood what he wanted to do, and executed it perfectly. It might seem cheesy against some of the other more violent affairs we now have, but i was surprised to be reminded at just how violent this was. I had certain sequences in my head, and those weren’t terribly gory, but the ones I forgot were a bit more brutal.

And of course, Jamie Lee Curtis. She’s so terrific here. There are so many iconic moments, things you revisit on the rewatch, that you appreciate more. She’s believable as a teen of this period, but she’s also likable enough to root for. Carpenter’s choices of music in the film, including Don’t Fear The Reaper, just are not appreciated enough. he really made a classic, and if you are lucky enough to have seen this ever, or can find it with audio description, or are looking to start becoming a film buff, this should be on your must list.

There is nothing we can say that hasn’t already been said by every other critic, film blogger, historian, and cinephile before. This is a classic. Untouchable.

Final Grade: A

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