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Hallmark Halloween 2013

By Thismomloves @ThisMomLoves
As a member of Hallmark's Press Pause panel, I am lucky enough to receive regular shipments of their latest offerings. If you've been reading This Mom Loves for a while, you know I'm a sucker for holiday-themed decor, and here are my favourites from Hallmark's 2013 Halloween collection:
All The Goodies:
Hallmark Halloween 2013
Alive and Talking Pumpkin ($19.95)
This pumpkin is motion-activated, and lights up with changing expressions and phrases. A fun idea for the porch on Halloween night...though I'm thinking I could have some fun with this in the classroom too!
Hallmark Halloween 2013
Witchiest of Witches Shadowcaster ($14.95)
This is my favorite - just place it near a wall and turn it on, and it will project spooky, flickering shadows.
Hallmark Halloween 2013
Whoo's Watching Me? Singing Owl Techno Plush ($15.95 with the purchase of 1 card)
When you turn this cute little guy on, his eyes move side-to-side and he sings a parody of "Somebody's Watching Me". The kids love this one - there's something about adding plush to an item that just attracts children, and when you add in a funny may need extra batteries!

Hallmark Halloween 2013
Pics 'n' Props Halloween Party Activity Kit ($19.95)
These Pics 'n' Props kits are neat, as you can have a little photo shoot in advance of a holiday, or use them to spice up a party. Hallmark sent me one with a graduation theme, and the Grade 8's at school used it to set up a fun photo booth corner at graduation. This one would be neat for a spooky gathering, with photo props, masks, backdrop and a 4 x 6 album to hold all of the memories.
Hallmark Halloween 2013
Fortune-telling Magic Mirror ($19.95)
Another motion-activated item, this one lights up and shares fortunes with passersby. The fortunes are for general audiences (example: I predict something dark in your future. I think it must be, yes it is, chocolate), which I think my students will enjoy if I bring this in as a classroom decoration as well.
Hallmark Halloween 2013
And of course, Hallmark has Halloween cards too, if you feel you need to mark the occasion in that manner. Don't bother sending me a card...I'll just take the chocolate!
Disclosure: I was provided with the above products for review purposes. Opinions are, as always, my own.

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