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Half Way There... Little Manatee Update 8.8.11

By Saratpierce

Half Way There - 8.8.11

It's really hard to believe that I'm already 1/2 way through my pregnancy... really and truly, WHERE did the time go? Z and I went to my 20 week check up this morning and got to see our sweet girl again. {I'll be posting ultrasound pictures soon} And YES... it's definitely a GIRL! No doubt about it now!

That being said, we can finally announce a new title other than Little Manatee... although I think that one will probably stick around for a while longer...

Drumroll please...

Keelin Noelle Pierce

We settled on the name a few weeks ago and now that the sex has been confirmed we can share it with the world! Keelin is an Irish name meaning 'fair and slender' and Noelle, of course, is 'born on Christmas'. We decided a December 26 due date was enough to go ahead and set Noelle as a middle name. Plus it's just so pretty!

Keelin is growing beautifully and gave us quite a show during the ultrasound. In fact, she was showing off SO MUCH that she was moving around like a little wiggle worm and the technician had a hard time getting some of her pictures. Antsy just like her mama!

It was a great comfort to see her again and to get confirmation that everything is forming beautifully. I'm also really amazed at all that the ultrasound tech could see on her screen. So many tiny details that she's obviously trained to recognize that just look like smudges and shadows to me. Makes me really think about possibly going back to school to be an Ultrasound Tech... a career path that became of interest to me a while ago but I never followed through. Maybe some day. But really, it's so amazing to see all that's going on inside my growing belly! Ultrasound days are always my favorite!

Zechariah's cousin came to visit {pictures coming soon!} this weekend and we did some damage at JoAnn fabric so I have a handful of nursery DIY projects to share with you all! Keep an eye out for all of those as well as a post about mommy-to-be-MUST-HAVES!

Stay tuned for pictures and the weekly survey on Wednesday!

Until next time...

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