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Half Hearted Winter Wonderland

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

Half hearted winter wonderlandI am getting quite bored of this cold now.  I know it isn’t as cold as they have had in some parts of Europe or the US but it is getting annoying.  We haven’t even had much of a snowfall (though as I type snow has started to fall!) just cold which makes it impossible to garden and generally miserable and frustrating.

Half hearted winter wonderland

Last night they were forecasting 5-10cm of snow overnight but on waking this morning there was no more than a cm, if that, and it was more ice than snow.  I had bought in lots more bird food especially apples which are popular with the blackbirds, thrusts, redwings and fieldfares.  While I was pouring warm water in the bird baths and top up the feeders I took a few photos of the garden.  As you can see it is rather a half hearted winter wonderland more a winter after thought.

Half hearted winter wonderland

However, amongst the gray and cold there is a small oasis of almost warmth and growth – the greenhouse. It is the only part of the garden where plants aren’t covered in some horrid icy slush and look like they might be growing.  Seedlings are starting to emerge and if it is a little warmer tomorrow I might hide out in it and sow my sweet pea seeds.  So at least I will get a gardening fix one way or another.


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