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Hagmann & Hagmann: ‘The Real Agenda’ – Starting WW3

Posted on the 19 July 2014 by Susanduclos @SusanDuclos
By Susan Duclos
Hagmann & Hagmann: ‘The Real Agenda’ – Starting WW3

Doug Hagmann starts the show below stating they have actionable intelligence as they go on to discuss the information coming out now about the Malaysia Flight MH17, the "real agenda" which is to start World War III, with the failed attempt in Syria, now in Ukraine, as they delve into the data being released as well as what is not being released.

The instant finger pointing to Russian President Vladimir Putin from the MSM, the diverting of MH17, the blame game, has all been scripted in order to create the outrage needed to draw support for a war to be started.

Via the Hagmanns' website The Northeast Intelligence Network:
Accusations about who is behind this wholesale slaughter of innocents are serving as the drumbeats for war, and they are increasing in volume and tempo. Unfortunately, most Americans and those in the West will fall victim to thinly veiled propaganda pushed by the major news agencies and their captive pundits that is deliberately designed to sway public opinion to a specific agenda—an agenda of war. We are being played, and if we don’t exercise our own intellectual discernment to understand how this incident fits into the larger picture, it will be not just be to our own peril, but to the peril of our children and generations to come.

Read the rest of Flight 17 & The Panorama Peril.
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