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Hadar Aviram on Turley's Testimony Before the Judiciary Committee

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
[This is risible. The reason we are "mad" is precisely BECAUSE we have *overwhelming* evidence that Trump has sold out national security and the safety of our allies for his personal goals and has extorted their president into supporting his catalog of delusional conspiracies.] — Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) December 4, 2019

[Tweeting this report and simultaneously listening to Turley was surreal. I find it impossible to believe that Turley and I read the same document, or that he read it at all.] Now, back to tweeting the report. — Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) December 4, 2019

[There's NO ACADEMIC IN THE COUNTRY that the GOP could have gotten to actually support the drivel that Nunes et al. were peddling throughout the hearing, i.e., that Biden was corrupt, that Ukraine interfered in 2016 election, or that doing what Trump did was fine.] — Hadar Aviram (@aviramh) December 4, 2019

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