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Hacking Group “Shadow Brokers” Threatens to Unmask Former NSA Hacker

Posted on the 03 July 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

The Shadow Brokers, a hacking group famed to the perpetrators behind an infamous NSA hack in which several exploits were stolen, is now threating to expose one of their former hackers.

Prior to the execution of two lethal NSA cyberweapons in the form of ransomware, the Shadow Brokers hacking outfit was struggling to be taken seriously.

Hacking Group “Shadow Brokers” Threatens to Unmask Former NSA Hacker

After WannaCry and Petya or NotPetya took the world by storm, however, everyone is clamoring for a piece of the remaining exploits being offered by this hacking outfit.

They have now stopped selling individual exploit dumps, instead opting to release new ones only to those who subscribe to their monthly program.

They launched a way to capitalize on their newfound fame by raising the monthly membership fee to 200 ZEC ($64,400) and by creating a VIP membership service for people who would like to communicate with the hacking group on matters pertaining to the leaked NSA exploits.

This newly announced VIP membership module will attract a one-time subscription fee of 400 ZEC ($128,800), not including the monthly membership fee.

But what has caught everyone's attention is what appears to be the unraveling drama between the hacking group and an unnamed former NSA hacker they refer to as "doctor."

In a recent post, the group threatened to expose the true identity of a former Equation Group hacker after they allegedly posted "ugly tweets" that were directed at the hacking outfit.

Serious Hacking Threats

No strangers to creating suspense, the Shadow Brokers hacking group dangled bits of information about the unnamed hacker without fully disclosing their identity.

In a poorly authored post, they intimated that the hacker they referred to as "doctor" was not only a former member of the NSA's elite hacking force, but had also set up residence in Hawaii and was currently the co-founder of a security company with plenty of venture capital.

The threat was passed on in the guise of a special invitation message to join their group, citing "doctor's" ugly tweets as the reason behind this masked altercation.

The group specifically stated that if "doctor" failed to subscribe to their data dump in July, they will release data from the former NSA hacker's exploits in China and unveil their real name and the identity of the security firm they co-founded.

What to Expect

Since flexing the might of two of the NSA exploits the hacking group stole and leaked, everyone is queuing up for more.

A few months ago, the group announced that it would be releasing stolen hacking and zero-day exploits on a monthly basis starting June 2017.

Only those who subscribe to the service can receive these and other data dumps to be released in the near future.

The growing interest in what this hacking group has to offer may also be the reason behind their decision to double their membership fee so shortly after beginning operation.

Judging by this, it's possible to expect further hikes in membership as more and more people get on board.

For the members who came on in late June, the soonest they can expect to get their hands on some NSA releases is probably during the first weeks of July and no sooner.

The hacking outfit has promised a number of exploits in the upcoming data dump, including stolen bank data, Windows 10 exploits, smartphone exploits and network information stolen from various countries' missile programs.

The group will also be releasing exploits that target web browsers and routers.

It is expected that the Shadow Brokers will start releasing the exploits as soon as the first week of July.

Hacking Group “Shadow Brokers” Threatens to Unmask Former NSA Hacker


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