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Hacker Site Run By “The Jester”; Seized By Feds

Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains



The site appears to have been seized by the federal government today.

The all too familiar ICE – Home Security Investigation seizure notice appears on tonight

The site was pretty popular having an Alexa rank of 353,000 and 57,000 in the US.

According to a Wikipedia link on before it was seized, the site was run by “The Jester who describes himself as gray hat hacktivist”.

“He claims to be responsible for attacks on Wiki Leaks,Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Islamist websites.”

“He claims to be acting out of American patriotism.”

“The Jester uses a denial-of-service (DoS) tool known as “XerXeS”, that he claims to have developed.”

His Twitter page is reportedly here

The servers on this domain were updated today to:


The domain name has an administrative contact of Jack Bauer which is the name of the character that Kiefer Sutherland played on the hit Fox Television Show “24″

You might be asking how did the Feds seize a domain name on a ccTLD in this case a .cc domain?

Verisign which is based in Virgina and operates the .com and .net registry also operates the .cc registry.

Therefore since the registry is located in the US the feds had jurisdiction to seize the domain.

Hat tip: Justin Godfrey



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