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Hacked Internet of Things Database

Posted on the 14 June 2016 by Safegadget_com @safegadget

Last Update: June 14, 2016

More and more gadgets for the home are connected to the Internet for additional functionality. Refrigerators to Thermostats to Door Locks, the list is never ending. Do not forget about security.

A vulnerable webcam can give ANYONE on the Internet a view of your home. Secure these home gadgets as strongly as possible. Many can NEVER be updated, which means that you should discontinue their usage.

Hacked Internet of Things Insecure Device List Baby Monitors

Gynoii - Details

iBaby M3S, iBaby M6 - Details

Lens Peek-a-View - Details

Philips In.Sight B120/37 - Details

Summer Baby Zoom Wifi Monitor & Internet Viewing System - Details

TRENDnet WiFi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC - Details

Kitchen Appliances

Smarter Wi-Fi iKettle - Details

Dog Training System - Details

Yale Zigbee Doorlock - Details

Boosted, Revo, Yuneec Electric Skateboards - Details

Cayla Doll - Details

Hello Barbie - Details

iSPY Camera Tank - Details

Vtech Learning Lodge - Details

D-Link DCS930L, DCS932L - Details

RaySharp DVRs - Details

Security Researchers have found Security Holes

SmartThings - Details

Universal Plug and Play UPnP - Always turn it off in your router! - Details

General Internet of Things Security Tips

Here are some general tips to secure your devices at home.

Wi-Fi Network Connection

Connect your Dropcam or Nest Smoke Detector to your Guest Wi-Fi network whenever possible. This network should be walled off from the normal network, preventing access to all your Computers. Malicious devices could snoop on your network and quietly send information without your knowledge.

If the Wireless routers guest network is not secure, it is even better to have 3 routers in a Y configuration. You can purchase an inexpensive router that hooks up to your Cable/DSL modem, then have 2 separate wireless routers connected to this device. Put all Internet of Things devices on one of the Y routers. Connect your computers, smartphones, tablets to the other router.

Securing Wearable Technology Fitness Devices

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit, Vivosmart, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch, etc connect via Bluetooth. Some devices use a fixed Bluetooth MAC address, allow criminals or law enforcement to identify you, wherever you go.

More secure fitness trackers like the Apple Watch protect users against tracking by switching the devices address every 10 minutes.

Look for updates from your fitness device's website to address this issue. Garmin has issued updates to fix this issue.

Federal Trade Commission Makes Asus Improve Router Security

In February 2016, the Federal Trade Commission settled charges with Asus, over critical security flaws in its routers that put the home networks of hundreds of thousands of consumers at risk.

Finally!, the government is forcing these manufacturers to fix wireless routers that can be come huge security holes. This precedent should cause Internet of Things makers to also fix issues, or be subject to lawsuits.

Hacked Internet of Things Database

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