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HABS: Successful Offensive and Defensive-touches

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
Eller and Bournival with strong numbers
This post will focus on the number of successful puck-possession plays each Montreal Canadiens player contributed during the 2013-14 preseason.
Every successful puck-possession play has been included, regardless of zone.
Offensive and defensive touches are not dependant on the zone they occur in. Offensive indicates plays that occurred while the Montreal player had possession of the puck, while defensive-touches are classified as those plays that occurred in order to remove puck-possession from the opposition. For an offensive-touch to be deemed successful the player must maintain possession or get a shot on net. For a defensive-touch to be successful the player must remove possession from the opposition.
How to read the graph:
  • The higher the player's bubble is, the more successful offensive-touches they produced per-minute played
  • The further to the right the players bubble is, the more successful defensive-touches they produced
  • The bigger the bubble is, the more events they engaged in per-minute played

Only EVEN-STRENGTH events are included.
  • Successful offensive-touches include; passes, dump-ins, dump-outs, and shots through to the net.
  • Successful defensive-touches include; stick checks, body checks, blocked shots, blocked passes

Jarred Tinordi produced the most successful defensive-touches per-minute played, while PK Subban contributed the most successful offensive-touches per-minute played. Subban also contributed the fewest successful defensive-touches, while Douglas Murray had the fewest successful offensive-touches.

Lars Eller produced both the most successful offensive-touches, and the most successful defensive-touches per-minute played. The fewest successful offensive-touches came from Ryan White, while Gabriel Dumont had the fewest successful defensive-touches.

Brian Gionta played just one game, and averaged the most successful defensive-touches per-minute played. Of all the other wingers, Michael Bournival produced the both the most successful defensive-touches and offensive-touches per minute of even-strength ice-time.
Daniel Briere had the fewest successful defensive-touches per-minute, while Brandon Prust produced the fewest successful offensive-touches.

Please remember, these numbers only represent these players' performances during the preseason. As such, they are not meant to reflect their long-term production.

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