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HABS: Defensive-zone Puck-possession Success-rates

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
How successful a player is at safely moving the puck out of the defensive-zone can be determined by tracking how successful a player is when attempting to move the puck by way of  a pass, deke, or dump-out. By breaking down each attempt as either successful of unsuccessful we can not only establish that player's success-rate, we can also determine the rate at which they turn the puck over in the defensive-zone.
A list, and explanation of all events currently tracked can be found here.
The data used here includes even-strength events in the defensive-zone. The time frame for this particular data includes only those games that have taken place since the Olympic break.
Among Montreal forwards, George Parros has attempted the most offensive-touches (or puck-possession plays) in the defensive-zone per-minute played. That said, Parros' sample size is substantially smaller than the Habs other forwards. Among forwards with significant sample sizes, Lars Eller has actually attempted the most defensive-zone puck-possession plays per-minute, followed by Ryan White.
Daniel Briere, Rene Bourque (SSS), Thomas Vanek, and David Desharnais have attempted the fewest o-touches in the defensive-zone per-minute played.
Among defensemen, PK Subban has attempted the most offensive-touches per-minute, followed by Andrei Markov. Francis Bouillon has attempted the fewest o-touches in the defensive-zone per-minute played

George Parros (SSS)has also produced the most successful puck-possession plays per-minute in the defensive-zone among forwards. Among other forwards, Eller, Brandon Prust, Tomas Plekanec, and Travis Moen have produced the most successful puck-possession plays in the defensive-zone per-minute. Bourque, and Briere have produced the fewest successful o-touches in the d-zone per-minute.
PK Subban leads all players in successful puck-possession plays in the defensive-zone per-minute played. He's followed by Markov, while  Douglas Murray has produced the fewest successful offensive-touches in the d-zone per-minute among d-men.

Parros's numbers in this category show the importance of looking at both success-rates and totals per-minute played, as his success-rate is far below other Montreal forwards. Desharnais, Prust, and Plekanec have the top puck-possession success-rates in the defensive-zone. This also reflects the fact that Desharnais, Plekanec, and Prust also have the lowest turnover-rate in the defensive-zone; which is a good thing.
Francis Bouillon actually has the top puck-possession success-rate in the defensive-zone among Montreal d-men. Expressed differently, this also means that Bouillon has turned the puck over less often than any other Habs d-men. Other defensemen with solid puck-possession numbers in the defensive-zone include Subban, and Josh Gorges; who was injured during many of the games tracked during this period.
If we look at the puck-possession success-rates produced prior to the Olympics, we find Gorges and Subban leading all defensemen, with current New York Ranger's d-man Raphael Diaz third. Tinordi's numbers have improved since his re-call from Hamilton, while Murray's numbers are the lowest among Habs d-men both before and after the Olympics.
Both Desharnais' and Plekanec's defensive-zone puck-possession success-rates have improved since the Olympic break, while Eller's numbers are well below his previous average. Moen led all wingers before the Olympics, and has remained among the leaders since.
The numbers from before the Olympics contain a substantially larger sample size than those numbers shown post-Olympics.
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