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HABS: David Desharnais Game by Game

By Kicks @Chrisboucher73
Tracking players risk/reward rating during each game allows us to track their play over the course of an entire season. By plotting each game along a graph, we can establish a trendline on the player's performance over the course of the entire season.
David Desharnais had a career season. He led the team in assist, while establishing himself as the teams top offensive-centreman.
HABS: David Desharnais game by game
Desharnais ended the season with the tenth-best even-strength risk/reward among forwards. That said, he had the team's best offensive-zone passing-percentage.
Desharnais ability to pass the puck was a key ingredient in his line's success. It mixed well with Cole's physical play, and Pacioretty's ability to recover loose-pucks.
Desharnais' trendline shows a impressive consistency.  It also reflects a slight decrease in performance at the end of the season. Many of the Canadiens players have a mid-season dip.
The graph also reflects an increase in consistency closer to the end of the season, as the gap in game-to-game risk/reward ratings becomes smaller. The beginning of the season saw Desharnais' rating increase or drop over 1.2 point from game-to- game, while the game-to-game change fell to less than 0.75 points nearer the end of  the season.
Desharnias never produced only one negative risk/reward rating.  He earned a risk/reward rating above 2.00 in 5 games, while he had a risk/reward rating below 0.50 thirteen times.That said, his even-strength risk/reward rating fell below 0.50 only 3 times in the season's last 35 games.

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