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Guns on Campus in Arizona

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Mikeb302000
via Puma Press
The Faculty Executive Council of the Maricopa Community College Faculty Association (MCCFA) approved spending up to $20,000 on issue advocacy to oppose guns-on-campus legislation in Dec. 2011, and started a “Safe Campuses” campaign against SB 1474 as it again heads to a vote in the legislature.
“We are not opposed to guns in general and believe that there are appropriate times and places for firearms,” says Dr. Barry F. Vaughan, public information officer for the MCCFA, “However, we do not believe that guns belong in the classroom or on college campuses.”
Vaughan believes a campus is a learning community, a place to freely express oneself and hold academic debate and sophisticated discussion in a humane manner. Adding guns into the academic equation doesn’t make sense to him.
First off, who do you think is more intelligent and better trained in logical thinking, the University professors or the gun-rights advocates? Secondly, who has more at stake?
I'm afraid places like Arizona are hopeless when it comes to rational, responsible decisions which best serve the Common Good.
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