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Guns N Roses Is Back... Wait, Is It Axl Rose!?

By Musicaddictguy
I’m not a fan of Guns N’ Roses, but I was raised in 80’s to 90’s, when most teenager gloomed their hair, headbanging while listening to heavy metal from cassette mini compo, and hanged Guns N’ Roses poster in their room. They were big stars in 80’s to early 90’s but in 90’s they were drowned miserably by grunge invasion, and somehow forgotten by music crowd for decades.
Last night Guns N’ Roses appeared on Rock N Rio music festival, this was their first performance after their last appearance in last December. But something shocked their fans in Brazil… It was frontman Axl Rose’s appearance. 
Their aging vocalist (he is 49 years old) looks obese and old, he tried to hide his aging appearance with large frame eyeglasses and funny yellow long coat. Unfortunately somehow it didn’t helped him cover up his bulging body, yet makes him looks funny. Axel Rose was really unrecognizable, if you compared his appearance yesterday with his picture in their 80’s poster. Axl Rose’s bulging appearance was first seen by public on January 2010, but seems that he is worsening by then. But they managed to satisfy their fans by played some of their classic hits like “Welcome to The Jungle” and “Sweet Child of Mine”.
Guns N Roses is scheduled to performed in South America & Central America in October, start their tour in US on October 28th (Orlando) and finished on December 1st (Auburn Hill). Despite some changes on Axl Rose, I hope they could satisfy their die-hard fans.
Guns N Roses Is Back... Wait, Is It Axl Rose!?

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