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Guns and Mental Illness

Posted on the 21 November 2013 by Mikeb302000

In spite of this anecdotal example, the APPS program is a major success. For every case like this one in which people are "wrongly" targeted for gun confiscation, 50 or 100 others are disarmed who are truly dangerous and unfit. The result is California is safer than it would otherwise be.
Another point raised in the video is the difficulty in predicting future violent behavior. Even if you take all the mentally ill people or all the mentally ill people who abuse drugs, only a tiny percentage of them will ever do violence.
One response is to disarm them anyway. That's not what I say. I say this dilemma cries out for the one-strike-you're-out policy for those who do misuse guns. Once a person displays the inability to safely use guns, they lose their right to do so. Simple.
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