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Gunloons on Dope (Part Deux)

Posted on the 27 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Frequent commenter "P" often throws out whoppers such as:
This despite DOJ findings that gunowners as a social group are one of the most law abiding groups they trace?
This despite evidence that permit holders offend at a rate 25 times less often than police?
This despite evidence that legal gun owners are 2200 times less likely to kill or injure you than your Doctor?
Ask any ER doc, he or she will tell you the truth, knivfe attacks are more lethal than gun attacks. Harder to fix too.
Notice what's missing?  Right, no evidence for such claims.
But, we here at MikeB, not only point out the lies and misconceptions--we also show why they're lies and misconceptions.  In coming posts, I will demonstrate why "P" is wrong--although the burden of proof for his assertions is on him.

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