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Gunloons, Gunshows and Sovereign Citizens

Posted on the 10 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
Lately, we've seen an upswing of violence perpetrated or plotted by the so-called Sovereign Citizen movement.
This movement is not new; it's been around for several decades.  In fact, if you've ever attended a gunshow, it's almost certain you've seen their wares being sold as either books, pamphlets or videos.  Usually, these materials will tell you (for educational purposes only, of course) how you really don't need to pay taxes or get a driver's license or pay your mortgage and the like.
In fact, the ties between Sovereign Citizens and gunloon groups like the NRA and GOA have always been strong.  Larry Pratt, the leader of GOA edits the periodical United Sovereigns of America.
Gunloons usually like to portray themselves as patriotic. In truth, they oppose the USA.

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