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Gun Shop Robbery in Wisconsin

Posted on the 04 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
Gun Shop Robbery in Wisconsin
Local ABC News reports on the ease with which thieves can steal guns in WI.
Officers said someone smashed a window on the front door and then broke into several display cases and stole weapons.
The pro-gun apologists love to tell us how stupid we are to expect criminals to obey laws. Actually, we don't say that, but the gun-rights crowd love to say we do. The truth is we understand that very well and that's why gun control laws are usually aimed at the law-abiding gun owners.
Another favorite argument of the pro-gun folks is that we can only blame the criminal for wrongdoing. Any mention of the possibility that the "victim" of a gun theft was remiss is met with derision and accusations of "blaming the victim" along with rape comparisons. It's tedious to say the least.
My understanding of it is this. A thief would be 100% responsible for his actions and the gun owner would be 100% responsible for his. If improper storage of guns makes it easy for the thief, then there's plenty enough blame to go around for everybody.
Gun owners have been hiding behind this charade for too long.
Let's take the example of Fletcher Arms, inc. Don't you think they were somewhat lacking in the security measures necessary to prevent this type of crime? I do. Here's the litmus test.  Could those brazen thieves have done that to your average bank or jewelry store? Of course not. Only gun shops think they don't need to adequately secure their merchandise and then when something happens they and their supporters say, "hey, don't blame me, I locked the front door."
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