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Gun Range Deaths Are Not All Suicides

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Mikeb302000
Gun Range Deaths are not All Suicides Crime Library
Todd Getgen | Attorney Todd Getgen, 42, was taking his custom AR-15 to the range to squeeze of a few rounds. It would be the last thing he ever did. After arriving at a shooting range in Cumberland County, Pa., Getgen was seen by Raymond Peake, 66, a former prison corrections officer intent on overthrowing the US government. According to ABC 27, Peake coveted Getgen’s rifle. So Peake murdered Getgen at the shooting range, filling him with so many bullet fragments that the coroner who conducted his autopsy was unable to list the injuries in sequence. Until pleading no contest and receiving a life sentence, Peake had claimed that Getgen was already dead when he arrived at the gun range – Peake claimed that he was only taking Getgen’s rifle in order to help arm an insurrectionary group committed to rising up against the government.
The site highlights 5 deaths including three murders. Using Google, it took about ten seconds to see that murders at gun ranges are not unheard of, like our commenter said on the other thread. He actually said it as if he'd done an exhaustive search and come up empty.
Why do gun rights folks so often think they can say anything they want and be believed? I think they actually believe they're in a battle with the gun control side and all's fair. But it makes it very hard to believe anything else they have to say, don't you think?
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