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Gun Owners: We're Just Like Rosa Parks (Except Armed)

Posted on the 10 May 2012 by Mikeb302000
Gun Owners: We're Just Like Rosa Parks (Except Armed) The Morning Call reports
Kim Stolfer compares his crusade to the Civil Rights movement.
The chairman of Firearm Owners Against Crime, said at a Capitol rally this morning that in 1954, Rosa Parks stood up for her constitutional rights  —  as many gun owners do today. Stolfer, one of more than a half-dozen speakers at the rally, said afterward that there is a “dawning realization among gun owners across the nation that their rights have been eviscerated, and like the civil rights movement, they are determined to see them restored.”
What's your opinion? Is that a bit grandiose to compare the gun rights movement to the civil rights movement? Isn't there a built-in lie involved in such a comparison?
Where is the oppression of gun owners? Aren't they often the ones doing the oppressing? Isn't that the very reason for gun control laws in the first place?
No, what Stolfer's doing here is a typical trick of the gun-rights argument.  They often try to turn the tables and accuse their opponents of exactly what they themselves are guilty of. If anyone is oppressed here it's the non-gun-owning public.  They are the victims of gun owners gone berserk and the terribly gun availability to criminals in the US.
Gun rights fanatics love to use the feigned position of "grandiose victimism."  Poor oppressed people they are, denied their freedom and rights, at least that's what they pretend.  The truth is they are the aggressive infringers of other people's rights.
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