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Gun Flow Between States

Posted on the 28 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Gun Flow Between States
(click to make bigger) reports on the findings of Brown University economist Brian Knight.
You may recognize this phenomenon if you’ve ever driven across the border from a state that doesn’t allow the sale of fireworks into one that does. Knight has also done research into state lotteries, where eye-popping jackpots in one state have been shown to cut into ticket sales in neighboring areas.
Of course, the stakes for gun sales are higher than they are for Roman candles or lotto tickets, but so too is the demand for states to be able to locally determine their own gun laws. Knight says his research suggests there would be significant benefits from establishing more uniform federal gun policy.
We didn't really need Ivy League Economists or smart journalists like Emily Badger who writes for Miller-McCune to tell us the obvious. But, Their affirmation is appreciated.
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