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Gujarati Choraphali Recipe, How To Make Choraphali

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Choraphali- crispy puffy fried snack made with gram flour and urad daal flour

Choraphali/ choraphali is a very popular snack from Gujarat which is specially made on Diwali. it is made either with readily available choraphali flour or with a mix of besan/ gramflour or urad daal flour. Recipe is quite simple and easy to follow ,you just have to mash or beat the dough to make crispy puffy cholaphali's.

Choraphali is very crisp thin fried snack taste almost like papad. a medium stiff dough of besan and urad daal atta/flour is made and then beaten or crushed with a heavy pestle or belen/rolling pin then it is rolled into thin chapatis. The rolled chapati is cut into strips or just cut from the center and leave the edges joint. then deep fry the strips in medium hot oil.

After frying store in an airtight jar. While serving a spice mix made with red chili powder,mango powder and black salt is sprinkled over the cholaphali's.

Cholaphali is served with tea or with Carrot sambharo and a special chutney- Rajkot chutney

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Gujarati Choraphali Recipe, How To Make Choraphali
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Gujarati Choraphali Recipe

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