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Gujarati Chana Methi Keri Pickle

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Gujarati Chana Methi Keri Pickle/Athanu-This is a very popular pickle from The state of Gujarat.This tangy delicious pickle is made with soaked chickpeas, methi dana and finely chopped raw mangoes.This is quite an easy pickle to make because usually ready made pickle masala is used to make this pickle but in case you don't have ready pickle mix then add required amount of rai, methi kuria,salt and chili powder and add in the chana,methi mango mix.

This Gujarati style Chana ,Methi Keri pickle is different then the Rajasthani Style Chana Methi Aam ka Achar

You can use either the white kabuli chana or the desi kala chana depending on your choice and availability ,I always use the white kabuli chana to make this chana methi keri pickle. The chana and methi dana both are soaked in salt and turmeric water for approx 2 days . Salt helps to soften the chana and add flavour in it. The soaked chana and methi are dried after soaking to remove the extra moisture else the pickle will get mold after some times. Same ways we have to adds salt and turmeric in raw mangoes after chopping.

You can chop and add salt in the raw mangoes a day before and use the water released by the mangoes to soak the chana and fenugreek seeds, often the water released is not enough to soak the chana and methi dana so dilute it with some plain water and add some salt and turmeric in it.Till then refrigerate the raw mangoes and when the chana and methi are ready after soaking and drying then take out the mango pieces from the refrigerator and dry on a cloth for few hours.

Now take the ready mango pieces, dried soaked chana, soaked methi and the ready pickle spice mix and 1/4 cup oil and mix well . Fill it in a sterilized glass or ceramic jar and next day add the remaining oil. Let it mature for a week and then enjoy your delicious chana methi kairi ka achar with poori,paratha ,khichdi or daal bhatt .

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Gujarati Chana Methi Keri Pickle

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Gujarati Chana Methi Keri Ka Achar

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