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[Guest Post] The Aestate // The Cozy Guest Room

By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

Today I have the pleasure of hosting the immensely talented Jess of The Aestate! I so admire her style and skills — yes, those are HER original watercolors below. Can you believe it? I am already lining up clients to collaborate with her!

Hi, Jessica from The Aestate here, so honored Erika invited me to guest post on one of my all-time favorite blogs, Small Shop! Speaking of hosting, I have been doing a lot of that in my own home lately, and I want to take a moment to look beyond the bare essentials to the 13 items that will make your guest room feel cozy…

[Guest Post] The Aestate // The Cozy Guest Room

1. Fresh Flowers: There is really nothing that says “Welcome” like a pretty vase filled with fresh flowers.

2. Luggage Rack (Dransfield & Ross Hoof Leg Luggage Rack)

3.Waste Bin

4. Scented Candle & Matches (Tubereuse Rouge Candle:

5. Tissues: Not glamorous, but like the waste bin, they’ll be missed the moment they’re needed.

6. Alarm Clock: A good phone/iPad alarm back-up plan if they’re in town on business.

7. Pen & Paper: Its nice when people assume you’re a creative genius with brilliant ideas that may strike at a moment’s notice. (“I Met and Liked” Notebooks:

8. XL Robe: Not that you’re running a day spa, but if the guest bath is not attached to the room, it beats scurrying across the hallway in a towel.

9. Good Reading Light (Jana Desk Lamp:

10. Magazines: I like to spread mine around the house so the Mr. doesn’t know exactly how many I’m hoarding anyway.

11. Pitcher & Glass (Hobnail Pitcher & Fleur de Lis Glass:

12. Snacks: I’m like an Italian grandmother, I always feel like my guests aren’t eating enough.

13. Wooden Hangers: Toss the plastic or (God forbid) wire hangers and splurge a little on the wooden ones, they’re $4/ 8 pack at Ikea.

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