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Guest Post: Simple Spring Style Tips for Kids

By Stilettosanddiaperbags @Sadbblog
If you’re of the mind-set of thinking that your little angels will remain the beacons of all things accommodating they are today and never fall into the “trap” of following style and fashion, it’s time for a reality check. Now more than ever before, kids are finding themselves having little choice other than to dress to impress in order to fit in. As fashionable clothes become more readily available and kids seem to be maturing at a younger age than ever before, it really isn’t possible anymore to get away with favouring function over form.
And of course, kids don’t have the easiest time dealing with growing pains and the like as it is, so suffice to say there’s no room for giving them further cause for despair with inappropriate outfit choices.
The good news however is that gussying kids up so that they look like they’d just stepped off a catwalk is 100% unnecessary, as it is more about refined and casual style than outright showing off…that can be saved for later in life. So, with the happiness of kids in mind balanced with those ever-present budget restrictions, here are a few springtime fashion tips for keeping kids happy and looking great:
Keep it Simple
The best thing about basics like tees and long-sleeved plain tops is that they never, ever go out of fashion…as long as you pick the right colours. What’s more, they can be layered in infinite ways and go with pretty much every other garment on the planet, from dressy skirts to casual jeans to layering dressesto shorts to leggings and so on – you really can’t lose by going back to basics.
Mix it Up
If looking to invest in a few designer buys or more expensive items, go for the most versatile you can find in order to create new looks by mixing and matching them with basics you already have. You can easily create new looks to last for a whole season if enough thought goes into the designer items you buy.
Colour Choices
A little like the tip on basics, if you make sure that most of the clothes you buy your kids work well together and don’t clash in a dangerous way, mixing and matching outfits every day becomes fool-proof and it is impossible to put an ensemble together that doesn’t work.
Past Seasons
When it comes to younger kids, there is no way on Earth they or their friends will be able to spot what is and isn’t past season, so look to bargain retailers like TJ Maxx and online sites like eBay to pick up amazing clothes with huge reductions, simply for having already been on the market for a few months or so.
When it comes to footwear, do your best to find something that will look just as good in shorts, trousers, jeans, skirts and so on, to avoid having to buy more than necessary. Try to favour solid, neutral colours rather than loud and proud trainers.
Last but not least, why not try getting the kids involved in a project or two whereby their frayed jeans become new shorts or their once-favourite shirts become new short-sleeved shirts for the warm weather ahead? If you can get away with it – which chances are you will – we’re talking valuable freebies!
By Ebony Jones
Ebony Jones is a full-time mother of three and an avid young fashion blogger with a penchant for stretching family budgets. She current resides in New South Wales and when not chasing her little bundles of joy around the house likes nothing more than experimenting with textiles.

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