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[Guest Post] Recently: “Go Big Or Go Home”

By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

Please welcome Emily from Recently!

You may have noticed lately that I’ve been featuring guest bloggers here once a week. Not only do I love introducing my readers to talented bloggers, but with a bunch of new projects, a charity fundraiser, and catching up from that nasty cold, I have quite enjoyed the help!

Today I’d like to welcome Emily from Recently, a fellow mommy and design lover. I remember fondly, it was her bookcase redo that was love at first sight!  Ever since then, I have utterly enjoyed the rich variety of content she provides her readers, from interiors to kids’ stuff to outfit inspirations to her own (very) lovely photographs. Read this first, and then go check her out!

[Guest Post] Recently: “Go Big or Go Home”

Hello!  I’m Emily from Recently and it’s such a pleasure to be guest posting on shop talk today. Not only because I think Erika is one of the most talented bloggers in the land, but because I’m always finding inspiration galore while I’m here, so to be considered worthy of such loveliness is an honor indeed.

Since we’re talking shop, let’s discuss the phenomenon I like to call- go big or go home. It’s a philosophy that’s been pervading runways and thoroughfares alike these days, and everyone seems to be taking part in this trend in some form or fashion.

[Guest Post] Recently: “Go Big or Go Home”


Bold, dramatic, and larger than life is part of the game, and, I’ll admit, I love it.  I’m thoroughly enamored with chunky rings, layers of leather, and necklaces whose sheer weight and size make me claustrophobic!

Most days, however, wrist riots and bedazzled collars don’t fit so well into my mommy-of-boys lifestyle.  In my world, less is definitely best!  So, in order to quell my desire for all things big, I’m posing a rebellion against the dynamic… an uprising I’ve named- dainty defiance.  Care to join me?

[Guest Post] Recently: “Go Big or Go Home”

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Thankfully, laces, sheers, and barely-there baubles are also enjoying their day in the sun.  For every jaw-dropping bib necklace I spy, an equally stunning dainty piece catches my eye.

[Guest Post] Recently: “Go Big or Go Home”

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These fair finds could very well keep me content forever, but hopefully my defiant ways won’t leave me stuck in a rut, and I’ll find myself enjoying both the delicate and the bold to my heart’s content!

Thanks so much, Erika, for having me today, and to all your fabulous readers for reading along.  I hope each of you found something to love along the way!

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